Friday, September 08, 2006


[This post is another of several that have appeared on my dreams and poetry blog that I've come to think should also appear here. All Tarot cards in this post are from the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck.]

It's always seemed odd to me that I don't dream more directly about The Tarot, given how much I relate to it in my waking life. I say "directly" because many of my dream situations do echo the Tarot, it's just that I rarely recall an actual image from it. However, I have had some clear Tarot images in dreams and below are the few haiku I've written based on them.

Gordian knot
version after version
of the Ace of Swords

* * * *

the Tarot layout
is strong both up and down
how to decide

* * * *

Empress or Papess
the Tarot card woman
won't be pinned down

["Papess" is another name for The High Priestess; there's a legend that there was once a female pope, Pope Joan/John.]

* * * *

overwhelmed by
the Seven of Pentacles
her own creation

* * * *

the Three of Cups
pops from the new deck
reframe your thinking

* * * *

the woman floats:
a fire Tarot card
with so much water!

[In most decks, a card can be considered either fire/wands, water/cups, air/swords, or earth/pentacles]

* * * *

makeover magic
which of the three Tarot cards
will she be?

[for an exploration of this last dream with the actual cards, see post in this blog called "Dream of Three Tarot Cards."]

* * * *

Resource: The Isn'ts of Haiku; a good antidote to all the misinformation about haiku out there. And, yes, I commit some of the isn'ts listed. I'd like to believe, in the name of experimentation and stretching the limits of the form. :-D

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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