Tuesday, June 26, 2007

THREE OF WANDS REDUX with a Reading, & Mini-Review of The Comparative Tarot

For today's post I decided to pull one card on a question for myself. As I've been going through some (even more than usually) intense changes I asked: What do I most need to hear at this moment in my life? Using the Comparative Tarot I got the Three of Wands:

Here's the Three of Wands in the Rider/Waite/Smith deck for comparison:

My immediate feeling on seeing the Three of Wands was relief, followed by the thought that I'm doing what I need to with my renewed focus on future plans for big changes (e.g., moving out of state). But since this deck has the Three of Wands from four different decks (upper left: Universal Tarot; upper right: The Tarot of the Sphinx; lower left: The Tarot of the Origins; and lower right: The Tarot of Marseilles) I really felt pulled to look at the Little White Book (LWB) for what it says about each.

The LWB lists a "core meaning," then meanings for each of the four versions for each card. The Three of Wands' core meaning was very supportive: "vision; achievement." While "preparation; accumulation of reserves" for the Marseilles version also resonated for me. The Universal's words of "discovery; exploration" fit the issue I asked about, as well. The meanings offered for the Sphinx version, however, held the least interest for me being more about the more business aspects of this card, though certainly things like moving an entire household will eventually involve considerable business dealings. And lastly, the Origins version meanings were quite dense for me, but the words "another reality" began to resonate once I'd looked a bit more at that version on the card. I saw a dreamer (myself, of course :-D) with her roots solidly in the richness of the dream world, in her way of seeing, this way that works for her, is natural to her. So, overall, this was a very encouraging and supportive little reading. (To see my previous post on the Three of Wands, click here.)

Mini-Review of The Comparative Tarot: I have always liked the idea of cards from four different decks being shared on one card. In the past, though, I found having to seek the various meanings for each of the four different versions for each card to be distracting (I'm only familiar with the Universal deck). Obviously, though, this time it did work for me and quite well, so I'm going to use it more often. I imagine this deck might work very well for someone wanting to explore Tarot meanings separate from readings; i.e. as a more in-depth learning tool. My only real frustration with this deck is the small size of the cards. Even one deck's card at this size can -- in some decks -- make seeing details difficult. But with four versions on a card this size, my aging eyes have quite a time catching the details. (My scanned-in version is a bit less clear than the actual card, by the way.) I hasten to add that others may not find this disturbing or problematic. Overall, this is an intriguing and challenging deck to read with, and probably a very good learning tool for experienced readers who want to deepen their knowledge of the cards.

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‘til next time, "Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow..." and keep enjoying The Tarot,


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