Wednesday, January 17, 2007


[This is an edited excerpt from a recent post to my dreams and poetry blog. The poem is in a haiku-based form called scifaiku (science fiction/fantasy/horror themes) that I've been writing in for years, too. The graphic is The Queen of Swords in The Gothic Tarot of Vampires, published by LoScarabeo. I will review this deck here in the future.]

she styles her long hair by touch
petulant vampire

I'll address The Queen of Swords in my usual way in a future post. For this post I'll simply say that I just finished a book in which a vain and ancient female vampire has never gotten used to not being able to see herself in a mirror. She is an exceptionally evil and powerful vampire, and this lack of self-reflection is true in both senses of that term. This lack of self-reflection, and the pain and trouble it precipitates for this Queen and those in her life, can be a reading for this card at its most negative.

I'd also like to thank One Deep Breath for the writing prompt that resulted in the above scifaiku.

* * * *

Resource: Hippopotamouse/Victorian Surrealism, a few really unusual Tarot card designs. For all their strangeness, though, they really capture the essence of each card, better than many prettier, less odd renditions, IMHO.

Please see the top of the sidebar for my background with the Tarot and a recommendation to beginners.

‘til next time, keep reflecting, and enjoying The Tarot,


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