Tuesday, June 13, 2006


TODAY'S CARD is the Nine of Pentacles. This version is from The Second Project of The Aeclectic Tarot Community, and is by lunalafey:

Here's the Nine of Pentacles in the Rider/Waite/Smith deck for comparison:

THE NINE OF PENTACLES: This has been a very special card to me for many years. A long time ago I originated and ran an open poetry reading series that I titled "Kestrel" after the bird on the lady's hand in this card. I used the Nine of Pentacles in the Rider/Waite/Smith deck as the logo for this reading series, in which I was attempting to offer a creative space where fellow poets could share with each other and within which I could feature poets I especially admired.


Feeling incomplete, even though you may appear to have it all.

It once represented pregancy in a reading, but for a woman who was quite distant from the querant (both in location and relationship).

An "urban hermit." A person who spends a great deal of time alone, usually by choice or nature. (This card came up one time with someone who had once wanted to be a sequestered nun.)

If you are not already putting your efforts out in the world, it may be time to release them, to let them fly.

It is fine, even necessary now, to spend a lot of time cultivating your inner life. You will have all the more to offer the outer world at harvest time.

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P.S. Today's post on my dreams and poetry blog (link at bottom of this post) is also about Tarot -- "Dream Haiku About Tarot Cards."

Resource: The Hermitage: A Tarot History Site, "One objective of tarot history is to trace the many changes the cards have undergone through the centuries, as they were taken to different locales and redesigned by different artists and cardmakers. Many variant designs are beautiful, intriguing, or provocative, giving us a window on the popular culture of different times and places."

Please see the top of the sidebar for my background with the Tarot and a recommendation to beginners.

‘til next time, keep sharing your bounty with the world and enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm curious why you picked this 9 of Pentacles by lunalafey. Are you a member of Aeclectic Tarot?

8:24 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

No, I'm not a member of Aeclectic Tarot. I just was looking for a different sort of Nine of Pentacles to illustrate this post. I liked the hand-drawn effect of this one. (By the way, I did email acelectic when I started this blog, and got permission to use any of these original Tarot card designs with proper credit.)

9:15 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

to Lunalafey (Suzanne),

I'm leaving this comment in case you drop by to see yours and any response from me. I just messed up. Thinking I was deleting spam comment, I accidentally deleted some recent regular comments. Among which was yours... sigh ...

I hope you find your poem. And I'm delighted that your search led you briefly here to see my enjoyment of your 9P!

11:33 AM  

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