Saturday, January 27, 2007


Temperance, in The Fairytale Tarot, Written and designed by Karen Mahony; Illustrated by Alexandr Ukolov, baba studio; Artwork by Irena Triskova.

The Fairytale Tarot is my newest deck and what a deck it is! Each of the 78 cards is illustrated with a scene from a fairytale, some familiar and welcome, many new (at least to me) and fascinating. This is a rich deck both in art and the accompanying book, which includes the full fairytales and how each relates to the card it appears on. I'll review this deck at greater length here in the future. For now I just wanted to share a card from it.

I shuffled the deck, asking simply "What card should I post?" and got Temperance. I've previously addressed this card here, so will only add that Temperance images (in waking and dream life) have been very present for me recently. So I was not surprised when The Tarot "suggested" I post it today. What was a little bit of a surprise was the focus in the Fairytale Tarot book's text on Temperance that we appreciate "ordinary life," those things often thought of as little or of lesser import. I've been caught up in that other understanding of "tempering" (how a sword is tempered in fire and water -- ouch!) and not recognizing the quiet, deeper truths just beneath all the fuss and bother and drama. A good bit of advice to remember when Temperance shows up in a reading.

Click on the link under the graphic above to see more of the cards in this wonder-full deck.

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Resource: Mother Goose Tarot, very different style and approach from The Fairytale Tarot (some have illustrations, some little poems) but still fairytale; it's a deck-in-progress.

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‘til next time, keep staying aware of the possibilities in the "little" and quiet things of life, and enjoying The Tarot,


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