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This "Tantric divination deck" consists of 65 collage cards that can be mostly corresponded to the Tarot cards, although it has three extra cards and no cards I would correspond to the Courts. (Publication information is at the end of this post.)

I have had The Secret Dakini Oracle for close to 25 years, and have not looked at nor read with this fascinating and energetic deck in several years. So I thought I'd do a one card reading with it for myself to begin to warm up to it again. My question:

"What can I do to continue to improve my physical health and well-being?"

The card (again, excuse the stripes introduced by my scanner):

The one card reading: My immediate take, before I look in the cards that have meanings, is that I need to do some healing and relaxing ritual work. It's been way too long and I used to do light trance and ritual work regularly. I next think, I need to pull back a bit from everything, not just my health concerns, but all issues in my life. In other words, I need to regain some perspective, to see the larger picture.

I go to the meanings card and for "Magic Carpet" it says, in part: "Positive influence of the occult....Change of residence...." That first meaning certainly supports my thought about ritual work. The second, I believe, references the possibility I may move to California. In the context of this reading, I hear this saying to maintain a positive focus on that possibility, and the energy and inspiration it generates will be helpful and healing.
(end reading)

By the way, when I first got these cards I corresponded each of the Ace through Ten of the Tarot suits to each of the ten cards of this deck's suits of earth, air, fire and water. (E.g., I simply considered the third card of water to be The Three of Cups. The correspondences to the Tarot Majors are printed on the meanings cards.) "Magic Carpet" would be the Six of Swords. And one of the meanings for the Six of Swords has to do with perspective.

Doing this reading, and choosing the four cards below, I have found a renewed excitement for these cards.

[possible correspondence to The Five of Swords]

[possible correspondence to The Three of Pentacles]

[possible correspondence to The Four of Pentacles]

[no correspondence, it's one of the three extra cards: "The potent power of the past. The protector of all the Dakinis. The occult Tantric transmission. Action"

These four are images I particularly like. However, I'd really suggest visiting the two links below to see a wider variety of the vibrant images this unique deck offers:

Secret Dakini Images at Aeclectic

Secret Dakini Images at The Mystic Eye

Publication information: Created by Nik Douglas, Penny Slinger, and Meryl White; published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.; 1977.

* * * *

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‘til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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Blogger Scruffyhippo said...

Welcome back Roswila, hope you had a nice break :)

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Blogger Roswila said...

Thanks, scruffyhippo! I didn't get nearly as much done on my "working vacation" as I'd hoped to. But the upshot was I got deeply motivated about a lot of things that had been "hanging fire" for waaaaay too long. :-) E.g., starting to design my own deck.

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