Friday, June 16, 2006


TODAY'S CARD is Death (XIII). This version is by Rebecca Carr (click here to visit her site at Elfwood) and is used by permission.

For comparison, here's Death (XIII) from the Rider/Waite/Smith deck:

DEATH: Of the three cards most likely to startle or frighten inexperienced readers, Death is "first among equals." (The other two being The Devil and The Hanged Man.) Although the Death card can can certainly indicate physical death, oddly enough in my over 30 years of experience, that is the very least of its meanings. The Death card, generally speaking, has everything to do with transformation.

An important note here about reading ethics. No matter what a reader may see in the Death card -- or any card(s) actually -- a death should never be predicted, IMHO. Like so much about life the time a soul picks to do anything, much less leave this plane of existence, is not written in stone. To predict a death, whether or not it happens, can cause the querant a great deal of unnecessary distress. One can, again IMHO, express concern for someone's health or well-being, or offer a warning if an accident or some such event seems imminent in a reading, but never predict a death.


There's stuff you have to let go of in order to grow.

Too much personal stuff is in the way that you need to deal with or lay to rest for you to proceed at present.

Are you trying to trample the new so that the old can continue?

Are you cutting off the new for fear it will not last?

Things are owed you -- either literally, such as money, or figuratively speaking -- that you may never collect. Is it time to let these "bad debts" go?

Let go of it. If you do not, events will take it from you and you may not like the way it happens. You have the opportunity now to let go graciously.

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Resource: Tarot Passages Tarot Deck Collection, a heavenly site for someone like myself who collects decks, and for anyone who enjoys Tarot art and the varieties of decks that are designed.

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