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TODAY'S CARDS IS The Seven of Pentacles. This version is by Firemaiden for the Third Aeclectic Community Tarot:

For comparison, here's The Seven of Pentacles in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

THE SEVEN OF PENTACLES: I used to get this card frequently and still do on occasion. The Seven of Disks (Pentacles) is called "Failure" in The Thoth deck, the first deck I studied assiduously decades ago. And I have a tendency to assume or fear failure when things get too quiet, or hit a hitch, or even are just about to change for the better. It will usually then remind me that it is probably how I am interpreting things and not the situation that is in trouble; if, of course, I have done the necessary work. That it is my unconscious fear of the coming change that is coloring my view of things. Hey, I'm a Capricorn! I like organization and structure, and change can be messy. :-) For some synchronicity involving another version of this card and the graphic, see my dreams and poetry blog post for today, "P.S. To 'Prose and Poetry at the Lighthouse.'"


It's "dead and buried," but you still need to contemplate it. There's valuable information there.

If you are feeling envy, it might be a good idea to learn from the situation. I.e, how did they do it?

Financial difficulties or other kinds of material "failures."

Unconscious stuff is about to undermine you.

Yearning, but for what? Meditate on this.

Stopping efforts just as they are about to bear fruit out of fear of success.

Watch how others accomplish what it is you are wanting to do.

Think this over carefully. What action or response does it actually require, if any?

Other changes have to be more fully developed before you take the action you are considering.

All that is blocking you from the rewards of your hard labor is your fear.

Get clear on your intentions and take the first steps, then wait for feedback.

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Resource: Hollywood Tarot, this is fun, e.g. the Three of Cups is Dolly Parton.

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Blogger Ginny said...

I liked the reminder that when lulls happen, it's not necessarily "failure," although that tends to be where our thoughts go. I then thought about the next card in line, the 8 of pentacles...learning something new, honing your skills, working hard at a task and I thought how the lull in the 7 may cause us to find new ways to hone our craft or to explore a different way to approach the project. Thank you for this insight!

12:48 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Hi again, Sophia,

The Seven of Pentacles is one of the cards that seems to keep "unfolding" for me. Well, they all do, but some just seem to do it more often at times. :-)

I really like that connection you made between the Seven and Eight of pentacles. On reading your comment, I then thought, ah, maybe I'll use a "pause" time to do something other than get worried!

Working on one of the 78 cards at a time on this blog I do tend to isolate them from each other in my thinking. Your comment has reminded me to keep their "serial" relationships in mind.

11:46 PM  

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