Sunday, July 09, 2006


TODAY'S CARD is The Knight of Cups. This version is from The Dragon Tarot, author Nigel Suckling and artists Roger and Linda Garland:

For comparison, here's The Knight of Cups in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

THE KNIGHT OF CUPS: I ran across the above mentioned Dragon Tarot online yesterday, and having a long and loving history with dragons I was charmed by it. (See ON DRAGONS, WITH THREE DRAGON DREAMS, the June 28, 2006 post to my dreams and poetry blog, link at bottom of this email.) I've also recently received a series of little surprise gifts from friends so when deciding on the card for today I was drawn to The Knight of Cups.


Knights in general: something getting into motion; if so, Knight of Pentacles usually slowly, Knight of Cups a bit more quickly, Knight of Swords more quickly yet, and Knight of Wands which might say "Do it now before the energy is gone, catch the wave."

Accept what others offer; don't minimize their praise or gifts.

Something is not as good as it looks; if it seems to good to be true it probably is.

Though rarely, I have seen a "Trojan Horse" aspect in this card. There may be unexpressed motives on the part of the giver (whether someone else or yourself).

Although there may be no deliberate deception involved in the giving, the situation is emotionally charged and can be setting up mis-understandings.

A surpise gift may be coming your way.

Follow any impulse right now to be exceptionally generous. It is coming from Spirit.

* * * *

Resource: Source of the Waite/Smith Tarot Symbols, charts showing the deck sources for various symbols in the Major Arcana of the Rider/Waite/Smith deck; at the end are a few more Tarot history links.

Please see the top of the sidebar for my background with the Tarot and a recommendation to beginners.

‘til next time, keep giving generously and enjoying The Tarot,


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