Friday, June 30, 2006


TODAY'S CARD is the Five of Cups. This version is from the Blue Rose Tarot, by Paula Gibby (link is to the Tarot Passages page where you can view all of the cards from this deck and email the artist).

For comparison, here's the Five of Cups in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

THE FIVE OF CUPS: I chose the Five of Cups for today because I just ran across the Blue Rose version above and was very moved by its unique AIDS quilt take on the card.


I find that fives in general in the Tarot have a sense of "separating one's self from the herd." E.g., during times of emotional and psychological growth, especially in the sword and pentacle fives.

Illness, but not necessarily serious.

Time to walk away from the situation lovingly (the Two of Cups upright is behind in the RWS version).

Stop thinking about it and do it! I.e, commit to and take action, whether that be to stay or to go.

Standing firm and taking responsbility for both the mess and the caring.

Try to understand how you got to this pass.

I often recall the expression "What you resist, persists" when I see this card in the RWS version. Another way to put this might be that what you focus on you tend to give energy to. In the RWS version, the focus is on what is spilled, while right behind is the upright and brimming Two of Cups -- usually a rather positive card.

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Resource:'s click to donate page; given the Blue Rose's Five of Cups theme above, I thought I'd put up this site where you can make a difference in varous issues with clicks of your mouse (and in other ways).

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