Tuesday, June 27, 2006


TODAY'S CARD is the Page of Wands. This version is from The Thoth Deck and is named The Princess of Wands in that deck:

For comparison, here's the Page of Wands in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

THE PAGE OF WANDS: I have seen discussion as to whether the Princesses in the Thoth Tarot are appropriately corresponded to the Pages in other decks. I personally feel the "fit" is not exact, but is close enough. No "translation" is ever completely accurate, IMHO, unless one deck is a "clone" of the other (just a re-working of the same symbolism). Not to mention that for me, my working relationship with any card, in any deck, changes over time.

No matter what deck I'm working with I also see the image in my mind's eye of the Princess of Wands from the Thoth deck when I get the Page of Wands. The Princess of Wands was a persistent visitor in my readings many years ago when I was using the Thoth deck during a time of tremendous creative (and other sorts of) change. I ultimately became rather fond of the Page of Wands in any deck, heralding as she had so many different kinds of creative bursts.


The time is not right for what is urging itself upon you to do.

Sudden creative impulse.

Use this surge of energy wisely, don't waste it or ignore it.

You have a "tiger by the tail." Be careful you do not communicate or act without consideration of your own resources and where others are at on this issue.

This card used to come up when I had been neglecting playing my didjeridu, during the years I was very focused on music (...drums, flutes, rattles...I'm not a trained musician). A didjeridu is an Australian aboriginal instrument made from the hollowed out branch of a eucalyptus tree with a bees wax mouthpiece, looking somewhat like the "wand" the Page is holding in the RWS design. :-D

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Resource: Tarotpedia, on online encyclopedia of The Tarot.

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