Tuesday, September 26, 2006


first the Page of Wands
then the Knight, Queen, and King
version upgrades

[Page, Knight, Queen and King of Wands above are from the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck]

This will be a quick post. I'm participating until October 8th in the International Association for the Study of Dreams PsiberDreaming Conference (online). That said, I had the dream on which the above haiku is based last night and thought it could be a fast post.

BTW, the last line does reference computer upgrading. In the dream, I clicked on links to the right of each card to download the upgrade. In fact, a last line I considered was: upgrade downloads. But I felt that "up-" and "down-" brought an unintended humor, as well as a sort of musical hitch to the haiku.

Although I haven't fully worked with this dream yet, on first take it does seem to be addressing my recent move out of almost virtual (pun intended :-D) isolation toward being a little more social. As far as the Tarot symbolism being entirely the Court cards of the Tarot, this supports the re-emergence of a social life. (Courts are often seen to represent people.)

In my own understanding and experience the suit of Wands tends to be a bit more closely connected to Spirit than the suits of Pentacles, Swords or Cups -- very generally speaking. The dream's choice of Wands, therefore, seems to reference my need and current efforts to "upgrade," to improve my way of connecting to other people -- i.e. at, and from, a higher level.

Lastly, the majority of the beginning of the dream focussed on getting the Page of Wands properly upgraded. This points out the areas in myself needing the most attention. Let it suffice here that these are the least mature (the Courts can be seen to progress in age, the Page being the youngest) and most impulsive (Pages in general can be about energy being freed).

Well, seems I can't write a really brief post when it comes to dreams (LOL!). I look forward to "using" these upgraded versions of the suit of Wands Court cards.

* * * *

Resource: Utility Tarot/The Major Arcana. My initial response to these designs was to laugh, but the more I looked at them, the more I found them intriguing. They resonate for me not only as a big city dweller, but as someone who has also developed very simplified designs for the Tarot images. (More on The Tactile Tarot in a future post, a deck I designed initially for blind folk, but for which I'm now thinking of a more general audience, possibly to have a haiku with each card.)

Please see the top of the sidebar for my background with the Tarot and a recommendation to beginners.

‘til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot and your dreams,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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