Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I could not make up my mind what to post here today, and some dreams are clinging asking to be looked at in depth. So, I went to Facade.com to have a card chosen at random. I selected the Phoenix Tarot because not only do I really like the designs in this deck, but the idea of rebirth is very attractive right now. Of all cards I might have expected to get, had I thought about it at all, I would not have guessed the Eight of Wands. It was the last card I posted about here! It actually does make sense as issues that cards represent rarely just evaporate once we view, think and meditate on the cards we get for them. Before I go on, here's The Eight of Wands in the Phoenix Tarot:

What is intriguing to me is how the wands are placed and in what relationships they stand to each other on this version. It accurately reflects what my initial responses were to my dreams of last night (I'll get much more from the dreams once I spend some real time with them later). I.e., I need to reconnect to two issues -- the two pairs of wands on right and left of the card. And I need to disconnect from two -- the two pairs of "crossing out" wands in the middle. Ah, synchronicity, or is it 20/20 hindsight? Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. What works, works. :-D

I also imagine since this is the card of "swiftness" I will hear from the dreams, once I sit with them a bit more, that I should move quickly on these dream issues.

I'll end this post with a quote from Facade.com about the Eight of Wands: " ...cutting through confusion and indecision... " Yes, May It Be So!

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‘til next time, keep moving swiftly as need be and enjoying The Tarot,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this image of the 8 of wands too. Does it matter that the wands are shaped like knights' lances?

Of course, some might see them as shrouded Christmas trees ready for sale :-)


10:02 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Your comments illustrate exactly how one can relate to the Tarot cards.

Before I go on, I will say both your associations can be seen simply as the wonderful sense of humor that is also a part of the universe of the Tarot.

However, in my experience, these sorts of associations often tell me something valuable (which does not exclude a good chuckle, of course :-D). E.g., if you are curious about where you could go with these associations you might ask: what do knights' lances make me think of, what meaning do they have to me, how does all this relate to my life now...etc. Same for the shrouded Christmas trees.

BTW, I also saw knights' lances. And I can certainly see the shrouded Christmas trees. The red and green coloration adds to the latter, doesn't it?

Did you click on the link to The Phoenix Tarot? It's a lovely deck which I will add to my collection some day.

10:13 AM  

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