Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"HOW Does It DO That!?!"

The below is a post I made during the International Association for the Study of Dreams, PsiberDreaming Conference that just ended Sunday. After I'd finished typing this response on one of the many amazing discussion threads, I realized I should save it as I might want to post it to this blog. I ran across the print out just now filing my notes and the papers presented during the conference, so here it is:

"....How does The Tarot work? Or as a friend used to say to me when I'd read for her "How does it do that!?!"? The plain and simple answer for me is "I don't know." I've been studying, collecting, teaching, and exploring with The Tarot for over 30 years and gave up decades ago trying to explain it's most mysterious ways.

A friend says it's unconscious kinetic manipulation on the part of the shuffler. Well, there are just too many variables for that explanation to work for me, though it may be a minor influence at times. I personally suspect (but don't go through rigors trying to prove it to myself :-D) that the major input is from the minds of those involved in the reading. The images on the cards act as triggers, are the vessels for the information that surfaces. (Fancy inkblots anyone?) But of course this doesn't explain why someone can do a reading relying totally on meanings 'by the book' and still be amazingly helpful. In this latter case, though, I do suspect again, since one has to choose among several meanings and then relate that meaning to the issue at hand, that the reader's sensitivity is active whether she knows it or not.

I take great comfort and shelter in how much I feel a kinship between dreams and The Tarot. Ultimately, I do not know for sure how either do what they do, how either give us their tremendous and beautiful gifts. They just do. They are. And I am grateful."

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Resource: Illumination Tarot/Dreaming Tarot, nice article on how dreams and Tarot work together.

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Blogger Ginny said...

I don't know either. Of course, when one reads for oneself you can come up with all sorts of probable explanations having to do with the subconscious, but when I am reading for someone I have never met, sometimes not even knowing their name, and I draw the cards and just read, how does it happen that what I say turns out eerily accurate for their particular situation? I marvel because I certainly could have interpreted the cards differently than I did, and if I had the reading would not have been so precise. Why did I choose to say what I said? Why did THAT meaning come forth and the other meanings fade to the background? I have no answers. I continue to marvel.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Sophia,

Yes, "eerily accurate" is how I'd describe The Tarot at times.

BTW, I've been enjoying your Courts series. So comprehensive and wise.

7:55 PM  

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