Tuesday, November 28, 2006


TODAY'S CARD IS The Hermit (IX). This version is from TAROT: The Complete Kit, published by Running Press, written by Dennis Fairchild, illustrated by Julie Paschkis (see mini-review below):

For comparison, here's The Hermit from the Rider/Waite/Smith deck:

THE HERMIT (IX): The shells on the Simple Tarot's Ten of Pentacles image in my previous post reminded me of the above "hermit crab" desgin in The Complete Tarot. I think this IX is both humorous and makes its point. Here's another take on "isolation," a 1995 dream of mine that I've always thought of as my Hermit card dream. I tried turning it into a poem (unsuccessfully) and that's why it's worded and laid out the way it is:

in a room full of people
she is lonely,
her black cape
accentuating isolation

she feels briefly connected
when she sees that everyone
is robed in black

realizing we all wear around us
what remains unconscious
within us

DIFFERENT OR LESS COMMON, EVEN QUIRKY MEANINGS FOR THE HERMIT (IX) (i.e. the below is not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of this card; a quick google will produce a wider variety of takes should you not be familiar with this card):

The "wounded healer." (Those who are healed become healers.)

Get out of your own way; i.e. ego is what is causing you the most trouble right now.

It would be wise to let go of people and/or activities/habits that are no longer working for you.

Time to tie up loose ends; a new project or challenge is on it way.

Use this dark time in your life to seek illumination from within (intuition, meditation, prayer, etc.).

May indicate someone who needs much more alone time than s/he is getting, and/or than most people need.

Someone who teaches/heals/guides simply by virtue of being who they are. (Whenever we let whatever our own light is shine brightly and fully we help those who see it.)

MINI-REVIEW ALERT: TAROT: The Complete Kit is a small deck (3" x 3-1/2," in a box not any bigger and about 2" deep) that I bought in one of those large gift/card chain stores. It was only $7.95 and surprised me when I opened it as it's really a nice, well-produced deck with original designs, echoing traditional Tarot with some humorous slants. The accompanying 88 page booklet is a really nice tiny book, with clear, pragmatic, somewhat unusual meanings -- no references to anything particularly esoteric, though intuition is mentioned, and a glossy color cover. The kit includes a layout map, and the card back design is delightfull. It might make a nice gift, especially as a first deck as the designs are not overly complicated though quite evocative and enjoyable.

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Resource: Physical Egg Tarot, simple Tarot card designs in color painted on intact egg shells!

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