Saturday, November 11, 2006


Card on the LEFT above: V, The Hierophant (High Priest) in The Fantasy Showcase Tarot.
Card on the RIGHT above: V, The High Priest (Hierophant) in The Tarot of the Cat People.

And so here's the fourth and final installment in my sharing from The Fantasy Showcase Tarot (a 26 year old deck, 85 card deck, in which each card was designed by a different science fiction or fantasy artist; see previous three posts for details).

Both cards above were done by Karen Kuykendall. The one on the left between 1969 and 1980 (when The Fantasy Showcase Tarot was published) and the one on the right probably subsequent to the one on the left for her Tarot of the Cat People which was published in 1985. There's a clear design relationship between the two.

Karen's Tarot of the Cat People is one of my personal favorite decks to work with and I'll definitely do a review with other sample images in the future. The High Priest above is one of the least impressive cards in this deck. (E.g., one can barely discern the cat faces around his chest. In other cards, cats are integral to the design. In the Knights, they are large enough to be ridden like horses. :-D)

Anyway, I'll leave more on The Tarot of the Cat People for another post and close my exploration of The Fantasy Showcase Tarot with thanks again to Oino for triggering my re-interest in it.

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Resource: The Deck Is Out There: Three Simple Principles to Help You Find the Tarot Deck of Your Dreams; just in case the diveristy of images I share on this blog is confusing, here's some thorough thinking on choosing a deck.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your exploration of this deck-- thanks!


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Blogger Roswila said...

You are most welcome. :-)

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