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Make sure to see the previous two posts here about The Fantasy Showcase Tarot for more details on this 26 year old, 85 card deck, each card of which was designed by a different science fiction or fantasy artist. I promised in Part II about this deck to post the cards by Kelly Freas, John Kirby, and Karen Kuykendall. But before I do I want to share the Three of Wands, by Evelyn Turner, which IMHO is a perfect progressing of this card into a (no longer so) future scenario:

LEFT: Fantasy Showcase. RIGHT: Rider/Waite/Smith.

This next card is The Star, by Kelly Freas. I can't say I'm overly fond of his art-style, although content-wise it is traditional:

And here's The Two of Cups by John Kirby. I'm not fond of this art-style, either, though again the content is quite traditional for the Two of Cups. My roommate, after looking through The Fantasy Showcase Tarot, showed me artwork by Kirby on a Terry Pratchett book cover. His style works better there, I think, than with Tarot. Though I hasten to add this is a personal preference (i.e, I generally don't care for the idealization and/or objectification of women's bodies in art, or of men's, for that matter):

OK, so now blogger has made a liar out of me again. It won't upload the two Karen Kuykendall cards I wanted to share to end this post. So I'll have to set those aside for a final post about this deck, a Part IV. Argh!

At any rate, I hope the journey through this unique deck is fun. For all the misery I'm having with uploading images, it's wonderful exploring the artwork in this Tarot again.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts on Evelyn Tailor's Three of Wands. The antennae are a bit too obviously posed like the traditional card image, but the idea of changing them that far afield is terrific.

If wands are the fire cards, I don't see much here, though.

Does the setting really fit the meaning of the card in traditional tarot use?


10:47 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Oino,

Actually I like how Evelyn's Three of Wands so closely echos the more traditional design for the card, changing only the setting. It speaks to me of the timelessness of the Tarot's imagery.

As to wands being fire cards, the elements of earth, air, fire and water can be very broadly understood. In this case, communication via electronics and so on can be applied to wands. These are not hard and fast categories by any means. Tarot is nothing if not an art to create and to read.

As to Evelyn's setting speaking to the traditional meaning of the Three of Wands? Definitely! "Enterprise." For sure. (LOL... isn't there a spaceship of renown by that name?)

8:28 PM  
Anonymous tarot readers said...

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