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TODAY'S CARD IS The Star (XVII). This version is from The Gendron Tarot, by Melanie Gendron, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. (See mini-review below.)

For comparison, here's The Star in the Rider/Waite/Smith deck:

You can click here, and scroll down to my post of September 11th to see several other decks' versions of The Star card.

THE STAR (XVII): I chose The Star as it fits the symbolism of the Holiday Season: the hope for the returning light/Light. As I looked at and read up on The Star in the Gendron Tarot above, it seemed even more fitting. I see the butterflies as all our prayers and hopes rising to the heart of the Compassionate Goddess, She who goes by many names. For me, She is Kuan Yin. In the Gendron Tarot She is called Coyolxauhqui (Aztec); Andromeda (Greek); Estsanatlehi (Navaho); Gendenwitha (Iriquois); Azer-ava (Finno-Ugric); Astarte, Innana (Sumerian); and Tara (Hindu). (And if you think it was easy typing some of those names, think again! :-D) May Peace for all of Gaia be born with the Light's return.

DIFFERENT OR LESS COMMON, EVEN QUIRKY MEANINGS FOR THE STAR: (i.e. the below is not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of this card; a quick google will produce a wider variety of takes should you not be familiar with this card):

"Be in the world, not of it...."

Everything we do and are and hope spills into both time, and the eternal. This is how we each shine, like a star.

Are you focussing too much or working too hard on your inner processes or your outer life? Maybe it's time to look out or up, and let The Great Mystery nourish you. Simply receive for a time.

You may feel like the star of this drama, but not everyone involved sees it this way. Tone it down a bit, dial it back for more caring and productive results.

If you are feeling uncertain yet being reassured otherwise, listen to your hesitation. Unconscious elements are in play. We cannot always see or know what moves us. (E.g., that Jungian idea that only what is unconscious can control us.)

This looks like it will have a positive outcome. However, there is too much unknown at present so action may not be advisable just yet.

This situation is still very much up in the air, but there is reason to hope for a good outcome.

Accept The Great Mystery's gifts. Even if you can't know right now what they are, know that they are.

Above all, this is a card of hope, beauty and inspiration. That no matter where we find ourselves, and in what state, Spirit's help and nourishment is available to us, will return to us.

MINI-REVIEW OF THE GENDRON TAROT: This multi-media deck has art that is a blend of cultures and spiritual traditions from throughout the world, including animals and metaphysical symbols. When I first got this deck some time ago, my response was luke warm. Although I still find that some of the mix of art media styles don't work very well, I am much more intrigued with it on this viewing. And I am much more moved by its symbolism. I will probably post some of my favorite cards from this deck in the future. (IMHO, The Star is not a shining -- pardon the pun -- example of what this deck offers at its best. If you want to see other card images, click on "The Gendron Tarot" at the top of this post.) This is a nicely produced deck, accompanied by a full length, informative book.

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Resource: Cherry Tarot, a really nice Tarot blog; has some interesting layouts.

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