Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Star (XVII) in The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt (see "Resource" at bottom of post for more info)

Today on my dreams and poetry blog, someone commented on a dragon image in one of my collages. As I answered, I've loved dragons since childhood, and when I first moved to this apartment, 22 years ago, I started a dragon figurine collection. Years into my stay here, I learned that my landlord family's last name, Leung, means dragon in Chinese. :-) So I decided to post a card from the dragon Tarot today and what better card than The Star, as not only is it all dragons with Saturn in the sky -- I'm a Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, but my previous post here is a poem based on The Star. Oh, and a wonderful new Tarot layout by a friend I tried just a day or two ago had The Star as the central card.

As to what this all may "mean"? I'd like to think what the book accompanying the deck says for The Star's "Divinatory Meaning":

"Personal spiritual experiences give you a glimpse of universal consciousness. You need to stretch beyond what you think is your potential. New opportunities will present themselves to you. Divine guidance is available if you listen."

Traditionally, and very briefly put, The Star is about hope. To see my previous post on The Star with images of it in two other decks and some less common meanings, click here.

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Resource: Celtic Dragon Images on aeclectic.net.

‘til next time, keep listening for spirit's voice and enjoying The Tarot,


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