Saturday, July 12, 2008


Judgment in The Mary El Tarot

With my new home state of California burning right now, I've been recalling this Judgment card in the fabulous Mary El Tarot. (Do visit the site and check out the other cards in this amazing deck.) I will go into XX in general in greater detail in the future. Right now I just wanted to put this phoenix-like card up, with its implied eventual rebirth/regrowth. I'll only add that to a certain degree these fires do seem to be a "judgment" of how we humans have managed our forests, suppressing undergrowth burns for decades until the forests are tinder boxes. I do not claim to be an expert, nor am I saying that this is all that causes these fires, but I do think it is a large contributing factor.

I live three and a half miles from The Gap Fire, in Goleta. It is now about 80% contained. See my dreams and poetry blog post for writing and comments thereon about this fire and my experiences of its literal fall out. My heart and gratitude goes out to the fire fighters and all those helping them. Even as I think of all the displaced wildlife (e.g., we have more birds in our gardens than usual), and humans, too, of course. :-) And this is only the start of a long dry summer.

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