Friday, January 12, 2007


The Devil (XV) in The Ohtori Tarot (used by permission)
design(s) by Bara no hitomi
image(s) provided by Arkady

I think this is a fabulous interpretation of The Devil card, even without being familiar with it's setting in the anime/manga story of the Revolutionary Girl Utena (see Resource link below for more information on this story). Do visit The Ohtori Tarot page (link above) to see some intriguing and unusual designs for other Majors, and her conceptions of the suits.

I also really resonate with what Bara no hitomi says about her interpretation of The Devil:

"....One traditional meaning is greed, lust for power, temptation, and folly; another is the figure which guards the way to the underworld. In The Elevator, we see these meanings fused, for it is this elevator which allows people to access their inner feelings of selfishness, jealousy, and despair.... The Elevator thus symbolizes both temptation and despair, and access to the underworld of these emotions...."

And this puts me in mind of a recent dream haiku of mine:

the sudden free fall
of the elevator
surviving bottom

LOL! Especially given The Devil is one of my family of cards in The Tarot. XV usually has Capricorn assigned to it, and that's my astrology sun sign.

I have addressed The Devil in a previous post and will only add this meaning:

As the "Guardian of the Underworld" or "Guardian at the Gate," The Devil can keep us from dealing with what it guards until we are ready and able to. I.e., our fears are sometimes self-protective in a positive way.

* * * *

Resource: Wikipedia: Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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‘til next time, keep respecting that Guardian at the Gate and enjoying The Tarot,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by to visit me...I am so in love with both of your blogs...I wish I had known about you when I was working on my NaNo story--my character reads Tarot...I expect to learn a lot from you!

The card image comes from the Alison Day website. I have a link to her if you click on tarot on my blog...


8:30 AM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Thanks, novel nymph. It warms the (these days, rather "achey-breakey") cockles of my heart to hear you enjoy both my blogs!

I love exploring The Tarot and reading what others have to say about it, in all its many guises. So, we are learning together. I'll check out Alison Day's website; those are such lovely images.

9:39 AM  

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