Wednesday, January 10, 2007


[This is a recent post from my dreams and poetry blog, that references two Tarot cards....]

no balance here,
but a forging
in fire and water:
a battle
of balancing

This post is a total self-indulgence, in the sense that my editor self says the poem especially is not all that good. However, an old part of me stepped to the fore in my dreams last night [January 5] and she wants to be seen and heard. So, here she is.

I did this drawing in December of 1992, when I was (yet again) losing a great deal of weight. I have been a fantasy fan since my teen years and when I did this drawing I was envisioning a costume I would be proud to wear soon. (It never came to pass, either staying that slim or the costume.) The sword seemed the most important aspect of it. I used the Ace of Swords in The Thoth Tarot as inspiration:

but obviously didn't do a very good job. I can't imagine how anyone could actually hold, much less fight with that sword in my drawing. :-)

Then last night I had a series of dreams in which there were many struggles and fights. The last dream I had ended with images of The Ace of Swords (no particular deck) and in that dream I composed the above little poem.

When I awoke I immediately associated the "forging in fire and water" in the little poem to the traditional Temperance card in The Tarot (Rider/ Waite/ Smith version below):

as that is one of its many meanings -- the way blacksmiths temper swords. Further supporting this association: in one of the preceding dreams was a woman named Iris whom I was struggling to relate to -- those are irises in the lower right. (I should also add that Temperance is one of my "family" of cards in The Tarot -- determined by numerology -- and as such, is said to be a further evolution of The Hierophant, my basic numerological card.)

All of this raised the idea of a warrior woman, and I recalled the drawing above.

So there you have it, the genesis of this post. I'm delighted to have this strong, determined spirit in the foreground again, stepping into the New Year with me.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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