Friday, July 28, 2006


TODAY'S CARD IS The Queen of Cups. This version is copyright Amy K. Brown/HeatherWind Designs:

For comparison, here's The Queen of Cups in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

THE QUEEN OF CUPS: My favorite version of this Queen is in The Thoth deck. But, that said, this Lady always seems to me to have an incredible array of dark and light depths. For instance, I found this Queens of Cups when searching for a version to post today -- don't miss what is said about darkness below the image, by the way. (I only found this image because I'd googled for "Queens of Cups," and I'm glad I made that typo.) I hasten to add, though, that the Queen of Cups can also be a Lady of tremendous light, creativity, and beauty. However, I think those aspects of Her possibilities get plenty of attention elsewhere on the internet. :-)


Negatively aspected, withholding insight that would be very valuable to the situation, maybe out of fear of how it will be received or a desire to control.

Watch the tendency to try to force one's vision on others; it may not be time for your vision if force seems necessary.

Don't become mesmerized by your dark reflection; you need to own your entire self, not just the darker aspects.

Taking what others say or what one senses from others, too much to heart.

Skilled at intuitively filling in the blanks and creating a workable picture/plan.

A subtle ability to reflect others back to themselves.

When the right situation/relationship comes along you will know it if you listen to your heart.

Someone will make a great offer, maybe one you can't refuse.

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Resource: Key Word Tarot Card Grid; some key words for several entire decks.

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Anonymous Charline Wareham said...

Wow! What a beautiful card by Amy K. Brown, but I really love the Queens of Cups Painting © Francoise Monnereau, because it seems to fit very well with most of your collected notes for this card. It is funny how we are led to information at times. What is that saying about the teacher being there when the pupil is ready? The uncommon takes that you listed for this card all have a special meaning for me today, all except the offer that I can’t refuse. Well, ... maybe it will come tomorrow.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Thanks for visiting, Charline.

Glad you like Monnereau's Queens of Cups. I definitely felt "led" to it when I saw it and then read what was said below it.

As I've said in other Tarot posts here before, all the cards are special in some way. But at different times, certain ones seem to have a bit more resonance for me. The Queen of Cups is one of those and has been for some time. :-)

1:32 AM  

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