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So now for some of my favorite cards from Brian Froud's "The Fairies' Oracle."* I haven't worked with it in a few years. Yes, I know I keep saying I've not worked with this or that deck in years. However, I do work with The Tarot every day! It's just that though I have close to 100 decks I tend to have a favorite that I return to, in spite of dalliances with other intriguing decks.

Before sharing some favorite images, here's a card I pulled at random the other night when the deck caught my eye from my Tarot shelves. It may not be a Tarot deck, but it works just like one. Besides, I have a deep affection and respect for faeries...

A Collective of Pixies (#48)

"A pixie's gotta do what a pixie's gotta do, and one of those things a pixie has to do is dance." Well, I wish I could! Knee arthritis has pretty much put the cabash on that. However, I can and still do dance metaphorically, and I take this card's appearance as a strong message to dance even more. To make the choice when approaching anything I have to do to "take joy in the doing it and doing it well." And know that those who "come in contact with the results of that work feel the difference..." The issue of collective/cooperative is also interesting, as I have been availing myself a bit more of the support of others.

These next cards I simply resonate with for one reason or another, or simply "just because." By the way, the quotes I'm using here are only extremely small samples of what is offered in the wonderful accompanying hard cover book.

The Singer of Intuition (#7)

"....The Song is sung within our blood and flesh and bones just as it is within the rest of the universe...."

The Journeyman (#15)

He resembles The Fool in The Tarot, certainly, but is also much more, as he steps out into the world balancing The Moon both in the sky and on his stick.

Himself (#17)

"....he has the magic of procreation, of dancing the spark of life into being...."

The Green Woman (#23)

"...She doesn't care what you think of her, she knows her own worth from her experience of life." She is the feminine vital vegetal "force that enables a root to crack stone..."

Sylvanius (#34)

"....your face is not your Truth. Sometimes faces need to be hidden so Truth can be seen...."

The Friends (#46)

These fairies can "often help us to learn more about the true meaning of friendship." And they look like they're having so much fun!

Ah HAH! Now I know why this deck grabbed my attention. It was a holiday gift from my roommate of seven years, back when she first moved in. She's going to be married this April and I will miss her. However, she has given me much beyond this deck to cherish and we are friends now for life.

For more about this delightful and also profound deck, visit the World of Froud.

*THE FAIRIES' ORACLE: Working With The Fairies To Find Wisdom, and Joy; by Brian Froud, text by Jessica Macbeth; Fireside, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020; 2000.

* * * *

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‘til next time, keep and enjoying The Tarot and other oracles,


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Blogger Shanshad said...

Still one of those gifts I'm so delighted you enjoy. They really are enchanting images. I've enjoyed looking at them all here. ^_^

5:42 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Yes, talk about a "gift that keeps on giving." :-)

8:08 PM  

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