Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'll have to flag
this meaning for The Star card:
the risk is worth it

My two most recent posts are both about The Star. The dream this dreamku is based on is one I had about two nights ago. It's delightful to have The Star card as a consistent presence at any time, but especially in times of more than usually intense changes. And especially when She (I always think of The Star as female, and it is most often female in decks) visits with such encouragement, as She did in that dream. Of course, I'm too savvy with respect to dream work to be certain that the last line indicates a positive outcome to the risk. Only that, no matter how it turns out, it will have been worth it. :-)

The two versions of The Star at the top of this post are from two different decks by John Star Cooke in his boxed triple deck set, The Word of One Tarot (Catalyst Enterprises, Visalia, California: 1992). The male (!) version on the left is from his Tarot for the Aquarian Age (a/k/a The New Tarot) and the one on the right is from his Atlantean Tarot. (You can see The Star from the third deck, The Medieval Tarot, at the link below by "Resource," as well as a couple other from The Atlantean Tarot, and several additional cards from The New Tarot. I will eventually do a post covering this triple deck set, with a sample reading. For now I'll simply add that the three decks cover the three ages of humankind so far.)

For many years The Moon card stayed by me. It remains to be seen how long The Star will now accompany me on my path. But however long She stays out in the open like this (She's always there, just not always in line-of-sight :-D), I'll be delighted and encouraged.

P.S. If you want to find out more about dreamku, there are links to A DREAMKU PRIMER near the top of my dreams and poetry blog (link below my signature here).

* * * *

Resource: Images in both The Atlantean and The Medieval Tarots and Images from The New Tarot.

‘til next time, keep dreaming and enjoying The Tarot,


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