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TAROT DREAM TANKA by Patricia Kelly

First, let me say I've not abandoned this blog. I've just been very busy, happily becoming more involved in a wonderful relationship. Which is quite a surprise at my age and given my deep hermiting tendencies. :-) But I'm enjoying him and our relationship immensely, and now working at re-balancing my life so that my other passions -- such as Tarot -- can also be honored. Now to get to this post....

The Magician card,
The Wheel, and The Hanged Man
lie in a straight row
I say: manifest change
and then surrender

The above is a tanka (poem), based on a dream I had in early October 2008. I did not see any particular version of the three Tarot cards in that dream. I simply knew what each card was, making my interpretation as I was dreaming.

Simply for the fun of it, I've chosen three unusual versions of the Tarot cards in the dream to share here below:

The Wheel, "Oh most true, she is a strumpet" from The Pen Tarot

The Hanged Man, from The UFO Tarot

You might have fun seeing how the above non-traditional images for these cards influence your exploration/interpretation of the dream shared in the above tanka. I'd love to hear whatever your responses might be. I particularly love collecting "new" meanings for Tarot images. Which is why (in addition to just loving the variety of art work) I like working with many different decks.

P.S. As I was proofreading this post (yet again) I saw some intense relevance to my life now in the dream tanka I did not see on writing it. Briefly put, starting last fall I worked my butt off to prepare for my move from New York City to Goleta, California. I arrived here in February, full of the energy and excitement generated by having actually manifested such a huge change after many years of withdrawal and giving up. Since then, I've noticed my life demanding a more "go with the flow" stance, a sort of surrender or openness to what comes to me. Not in a passive way, but a surrender nevertheless. Maybe another word for surrender of this type is "receiving." Though I must admit at times it does feel more like that beleaguered figure in the UFO XII above; i.e., that I'm being taken on a strange ride by unknown factors. :-D

* * * *

‘til next time, keep exploring the varieties of interpretations and images available in The Tarot Universe,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an interesting Hang Man being taken up by a UFO. I wouldn't have thought of it that way, but something about the image sticks.

That kind of receiving energy you talk about isn't traditionally rewarded by society, but I feel it's very important.

It's also easy to fake.

I notice a lot of new age authors and such caught in a mad house of self importance, and business, and huge egos, and getting ahead in publishing and what not; talking about how it's important to let go and receive from the universe.

They give the idea huge lip service, while trying to trounce the competition in a five of wand macho winning attention type of thing. Not that this is so bad, but I wish they were honest about their motives and didn't pretend to be so spiritually open, so to speak.

I'd have more respect for them if they just came out and admitted that they were in a tremendous, unreceptive rat race trying to compete, make a buck, and get ahead.

Not that this is your problem, but your talking about receiving energy got me thinking.

David Alan Richards

2:44 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Hi David Alan,

Yes, that UFO XII is an odd one, isn't it? Mostly I think of the experience of the Hanged Man as being rather more voluntary. :-)

My next post here, BTW, will be another "Hanged Man." But a "found" one, i.e. a photo that I'm fairly certain was not intended as a Tarot card but it just radiates XII. XII in it's more voluntary aspect -- that conscious giving over to High self, etc., etc., weaning one's self from total belief in the little ego.

I hear what you say in the rest of your comment. It is extremely rare to hear/read a "new age" author whose work is not underneath all the cool sounding hype, caught up in the author's aim toward personal monetary gain and material success. Not that those worldly aims are in themselves undesirable, just that when they are the deeper/truer motivations the entire system being touted is suspect/tainted, isn't it?

BTW, what I seem to be surrendering to and/or receiving isn't money or material success, per se. (What a shame, I could really use it... retired and living on a fixed income can get to be rather a challenge :-D). I am receiving more in terms of living a very full and loving life within a community; i.e. being able to surrender to/go with/receive these opportunities and not be blind to them or reject them out of old habit and misconceptions/misperceptions. In many ways, turning my usual ways of understanding upside down -- more Hanged Man. :-)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thought provoking comment.

2:57 PM  

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