Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The Four of Disks (Pentacles) in the Thoth Tarot*

Dream at the end of an evening of many dreams
December 13, 2006

we can't quite read
the new Tarot card designs
shuttered cottage

card of pentacles:
down-growing desert plant
rocks and moonlight

surge of light
the Four of Pentacles
right side up

* * * *

The Thoth deck's Four of Disks (Pentacles) was not the card I saw in the dream. But it was the one I immediately saw on waking and recalling the dream. As to why the Four of Pentacles? I can think of many reasons. Briefly, the astrology sign Capricorn is often attributed to this card, which I am, and it is after my birthday in early January that I usually find S.A.D. (Seasonal Affect Disorder) beginning to lift. I begin to feel more empowered then, too (the card is called power in The Thoth deck). There were other aspects to the dream that I have not written haiku for. But, they, too, had to do with reclaiming energy and light. "Light" I take to mean the ability to see things more clearly and in their correct orientation (not upside down :-D), which I have not been feeling I am doing very well since fall and S.A.D. arrived. All in all, a very hopeful dream after an evening of other deep and tumultuous dreams.

* I recently had an inquiry as to what I think of the designer of The Thoth Tarot, Aleister Crowley. For those who might not know, there is a controversy as to whether he was the incarnation of evil, or the best thing to happen to Tarot (and magick) since sliced bread. I personally feel after reading years ago from both perspectives that he was a tremendously free thinker who enjoyed pushing rigid thinkers' buttons and also loved his "bad boy" reputation, even playing with it deliberately. This is not to say that I like or respect Crowley or his work. I simply really like the deck he was instrumental in designing. However, I can no more prove my feelings about him than anyone else can prove their positions.

I will also say that I had alreay studied with The Thoth deck at great length (and other decks as well) before I ever learned of this controversy surrounding Crowley. And for a brief time I was concerned, being aware as I am of the effect images we hold in our minds can and do have on us. But I quickly realized this deck had done nothing but enrich my relationship to the Tarot as a whole. Not to mention that I tend to give the actual artist of a deck the lion's share of the credit for any deck. IMHO, Lady Frieda Harris's artwork on The Thoth deck is stunning. Ultimately that is what sticks for me with any deck -- the artwork itself, as disitinct from any accompanying book, or influencing designer, philosophy, or system.

However, I will hasten to add if someone is uncomfortable working with any deck, for any reason, I would encourage them to honor that hesitation. There are a couple of decks I have but do not work with because of hesitations I have about them. So let me stress that my comments here are not to encourage anyone with negative or hesitant feelings about The Thoth deck to use it, but only to make clear my position on the Crowley controversy.

* * * *

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