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TODAY'S CARD is The Four of Cups. This version is from The Hollywood Tarot:

For comparison, here's The Four of Cups in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

THE FOUR OF CUPS: Back in the years when I'd occasionally seek a Tarot reading from a fellow professional, this card inevitably showed up. Equally inevitably it was suggested (and sometimes rather sternly) by the reader that I needed to stop thinking and start doing. Now this was certainly true for me back then. But even more true was that there were deep-seated reasons (blocks, fears, misunderstandings, etc.) for my lack of action. And unless I'd question this level of "why," it was not addressed by the reader.* What I'm getting at here is that in my experience this card can have a level to it that lies just beyond the more apparent or obvious sense of the card within the reading. An important and delicate level. That cup being offered in the Rider/ Waite/ Smith version can bear a gift, if one can quiet one's knowing mind and let it in.

DIFFERENT OR LESS COMMON, EVEN QUIRKY MEANINGS FOR THE FOUR OF CUPS (i.e. the below is not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of this card; a quick google will produce a wider variety of takes should you not be familiar with this card):

Don't take on anything new just yet.

Exhausted by doing it all by one's self, but unwilling to ask for or accept help.

Some news may almost literally knock you off your feet. Spend some time thinking about it before taking any action.

Are you holding on to how things are? Resisting change?

Don't do anything that does not feel totally right during this time of change, i.e., not a time to take risks.

You may soon be dealing with yet another emotionally laden issue.

A wish you may unconsciously want to remain just a wish. The work to ultimately achieve it is more than what you are truly willing and/or able to undertake.

What you believe you tend to manifest.

"Thank the Deities I don't have to do that!"

The last bit of a major change is almost in place. Rest in preparation and be patient.

Are you afraid of going overboard if you allow this gift into your life?

* * * *

* A little advice from someone who's been both reader and querant. Make it clear before you start reading for someone whether or not you invite questions as the reading goes along, or if you want the querant to wait to be asked for questions, or if you even invite questions at all. It can be very counterproductive for a querant, especially in the heightened atmosphere of a reading, to feel her/his questions are unwelcome or that they are interrupting the "flow" of the reader's insights.

Resource: How To Read A Querant's Non-Verbal Behavior. This article is by Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D., who is a psychotherapist, writer, and tarot reader. [My apologies for previously crediting this article to the wrong author -- but fortunately to the correct web site, which site I highly recommend. I've upped my already super-cautious and repetitive proofreading.]

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