Thursday, March 08, 2007


The Page of Wands by firemaiden,
for The Second Aeclectic Tarot Community Project

the ace of cups
in three different decks

I see the six of wands twice
but it's blank

each time the door opens
new Tarot art

the page of wands looks in through
my glass terrace door

It seems I'm getting a little breather from The Taiga Tarot designs. In the meantime, I thought I'd share the above four Tarot dream-based haiku. When going through my dream haiku the other day I noted the first three above -- dreamed between October 2006 and March 2007 -- show a general progression with respect to The Taiga Tarot (among other concerns in my life). From growing potential, to false starts, to where I am now: with the first few designs manifested and more "floors" yet to be visited on the "elevating" ride.

The dream on which the fourth is based I had this Tuesday, but it was speaking clearly to concerns other than The Taiga Tarot. Though at first, of course, I did attempt to find a new Taiga Tarot design in it. :-) Aspects of this fourth intense, brief dream's import (combined with the impact of a subsequent very vaguely Tarot dream) are still floating into consciousness. What pieces have arrived so far are very helpful and encouraging.

A fellow poet once said to me with a puzzled expression "But using Tarot with your dreams is like dreaming about a dream!" I agreed with that, to her further bemusement. To which I'll now add "And dreaming about Tarot is like doing a Tarot reading."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the page of wands looks in through
my glass terrace door

This one got my attention! I have a glass sliding door in my bedroom (leading to a back deck), and have had more than one dream of a figure standing outside that door in the night. They're generally scary dreams for me, but now I wonder... is it a messenger? Hmmmm.

Mary Pat

6:08 AM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Intriguing, Mary Pat. This is not my first scary (it was a bit scary) dream, either, about someone outside or who even came in through that glass terrace door. One was really terrifying, but when I worked with it turned out to be someone trying to free me. I'm reminded of the theory that nightmares are often just really trying to get our attention about something very important we've been resistant to hearing.

BTW, he wasn't clearly the Page of Wands. But as I recorded the dream I was struck by his youth, his reddish hair, and a sense of very high energy about him. Voila! The Page of Wands.

I'm associating like crazy to "glass door" now. LOL! Clear -- the message can be "seen." And fragile, which takes me to "breakthrough...." Hmmm!

8:40 AM  

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