Monday, January 14, 2008

THE FOUR OF PENTACLES in The Tarot of the Cat People

The Four of Pentacles in The Tarot of the Cat People

OK, this is exactly how I've been feeling at each step along the way as I prepare to move to California on February 6th. As I accomplish a huge task -- each of which requires a great deal of letting go both literally and figuratively -- I cling to what is coming next. Right now I'm dreading the final big packing push. I know I can't take all with me that I'd like to (even after already weeding it out tremendously), but ....

LOL! I just recalled another meaning for this card: good management. And, yes, I'd say I have been a rather good manager so far. There are so many details, each of which has to dovetail (coming and going) with others that even my basically organized Capricornian nature has felt very taxed by it all. Then there's that intriguing version in The Thoth Tarot, that is called "Power." So I can take heart that it's not all about my clinging (well, more accurately wanting to cling) to what I must let go of. That is, I am managing things competently and I have the power to do whatever I must.

Sigh, it's still hard. But I have no doubt at all, well worth it.

(By the way, The Tarot of the Cat People is one of my favorite decks, one I refer to regularly. And this card in it, one of my favorites in the deck. I love the science/fantasy aspect to the deck -- it's set on another world whose cultures have developed around cats -- plus the colorful art, and unusual outfits and jewelry designs. And oh my goodness, I just realized today was my beloved Grandmother Hill's birthday. This card is often attributed to Sun in Capricorn, so it is a card in both my family of Tarot cards and hers.)

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