Tuesday, December 25, 2007

THE FOOL in The Ukiyoe Tarot

The Fool in the Ukiyoe Tarot

General comment: Sorry I'm so totally focused on the process of my move to California. I just hope the images themselves will offer you more about the cards I've been posting these last several weeks than I've been seeing in them and sharing with you. :-)

That said, this card grabbed me as I do see in it how I've been feeling: I'm standing at the edge of an abyss, or at least what appears like one as I can't really know what this move will be like until I'm actually living in my new home outside Santa Barbara. I also feel rather poor (the rags the character is wearing) and that I'm taking so very little with me (shipping is by the pound and I'm moving on the proverbial shoe string). But there is this tremendous optimism which is more apparent in other more traditional Fool cards, as in this version from the Rider/ Waite/ Smith deck:

But what really pulled me up short on viewing The Fool in the Ukiyoe deck is the different relationship between the little dog and The Fool. In most decks, The Fool seems almost oblivious to the little dog's presence and possible attempt to warn him that there's a cliff ahead. In the Ukiyoe version above, not only is The Fool paying attention, the little dog almost seems to be urging The Fool to take the leap! I was happy to note this, as the little dog is often said to be our deep intuition, that which comes from the Goddess. And it is my strong gut feeling that I am moving to a much better life that is keeping me even minimally sane during this turbulent process.

I'm sad to say I no longer have the Ukiyoe Tarot in my possession. Many years ago -- in a fit of poverty induced insanity -- I sold a number of decks. This is another example of how my "taste" in Tarot has changed over the years. E.g., I now also regret having sold The Karma Tarot and Elksinger's Perfected Tarot. However, I am grateful that these are among the very few regrets -- of any kind, small or big -- that I am faced with as I make this huge transition to not only a new home cross country but to a new life.


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