Thursday, November 08, 2007


i build a small/white wood Tarot tryptych/witch house

The above is a haiga, an illustrated haiku. (Technically the poem on it is a dreamku, a haiku-like poem based on a dream.)

The image is a scan of an actual white wood tryptych given to me by a dear friend. Funny thing is when I recalled the dream and wrote the dreamku, I did not relate it to this tryptych which I have to pass everytime I enter and leave my kitchen. Even funnier (in that sense of being odd) is that the dear friend who gave it to me lives in California. And this dreamku reflected my difficulty in deciding which (the pun of "witch" in the last line) of two senior residences to move to -- a California one, or one in upstate New York. After the dream I kept worrying and finally decided: I move to California the end of this January. What I did not know until searching for an image to accompany this Tarot dreamku today -- many days after the dream, was that this dream was giving me the answer I had been searching for: California. Not only that but that the threeness of "tryptych" is the number of women friends I have living near (and one actually in) that California residence. Well, duh, nothing like hindsight, is there? LOL!

As to Tarot? I see this tryptych as a version of the Three of Cups, which is often illustrated with three women celebrating together. And personally I can see this tryptych as saying I am building a new home, that will be filled with Tarot. I'm moving from a three bedroom, two bath apartment, into a studio. Folding down, as a tryptych does, into a smaller space. So my 80 Tarot decks, numerous Tarot books, and Tarot posters will take up proportionately more room, making it even more of a Tarot house than I have here. I look forward to it.

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‘til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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