Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Eight of Cups (Brother and Sister) in the Fairytale Tarot

I believe our lives are always being guided by the mythic, and sometimes that sense of an underlying framework is even stronger. My life has been like this for some time now as I prepare to pull up 23 years' of roots in this apartment (60 years worth in New York city as a whole), for a retirement residence in parts as yet unknown.

The Fairytale Tarot seemed the perfect deck to consult tonight. I randomly pulled the above card, The Eight of Cups whose story in this deck is "Brother and Sister." I was astounded (I am always grateful that after over 30 years of working with many different decks I can still be astounded) at what meanings the authors gleaned from this story. But mostly how absolutely on the mark it is for me right now. Here's just a few excerpts:

Leaving one thing to move on the next. A sad parting but a new beginning. Mingled regret and anticipation. Making the steps that are necessary, even though it's hard. ....usually contains an element of pain in the parting. The sad but sensible decision that Brother and Sister take in moving away from their unhappy home is a very good example of the mixed feelings of both hurt and hope that are at the heart of this card. ....It also recalls the Death card in Tarot, a card that is as much about transformation, and a journey from one 'life' to another, as about any actual physical death. ....However, the Eight is essentially a positive card. It tells us to acknowledge the difficulties of deciding when change is needed, but it also assures us that sometimes it's a decision that has to be made.

This story and what the authors say about it have confirmed the necessity of and my resolution to make this move. This confirmation will help to sustain me as I continue on through all the uncertainty, sadness, happy anticipation, and hard work.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep facing up to the difficult decisions and changes, and enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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