Sunday, June 07, 2009

MORE FOUND TAROT CARDS, digital photos by Roswila

What a delight this process is! As I said in my previous post, since I'd found one Tarot card "by accident" in the photos I've been taking, I was going to go looking through my files and see what other cards might be waiting for discovery. In all the many taken before I found the Judgment card (see previous post) I did not find one true Tarot card. Though I did find what will probably become the Nine of Wands once I re-take it closer up and from a different angle. And that image also gave me a possible idea for the image for the suit of Wands: lamps/lighting fixtures. (Although I love trees, so the Wands suit might wind up being a mix of lamps and trees.)

Then when I next went out taking pictures, I began to watch for Tarot cards consciously. Those results were not truly successful. Neither as pictures, nor as Tarot cards. I even got bollixed up in one case on which card I thought I'd "found," it was the Five of Wands though I kept thinking of it as the Five of Pentacles. I think looking for Tarot cards and pictures splits my focus (pun intended).

However, when I went hunting photos yesterday, with no intent to gather Tarot cards, but just to enjoy the process as I have been all along, I wound up with several Tarot Cards! After the fact, once I'd loaded the pictures on to my computer. (Maybe not thinking about Tarot cards as I wander taking pictures, is like the shuffling process before a reading.) And here they are:

The Ace of Pentacles (that bit of shadow in the lower right is my hands, camera, and head; hard to see that sort of thing in the tiny digital display but I'm getting better at noticing/anticipating this sort of thing):

The Lovers:

The Ace of Cups (this was a huge surprise and gift, a bowl of light! hadn't even noticed that light in the center when taking the picture):

The Ace of Wands (may re-take this at night when it's lit; it pales as it is now by comparison to the other two aces):

Looking at the above cards as a very simple reading for myself, it seems quite apt. Lots of beginnings and choices. A lot of youthfulness, and given I'm well on my way to 66 years old that's certainly encouraging! Since the only ace missing is the Ace of Swords, I see that as supporting my attempts to think less, and act and be and create more.

Hm, just re-read this post and note I'm talking about the "suit of Wands." Guess I have decided to build a full digital Tarot. :-) I can also see it's going to be a more than usually delicate balance between just letting it happen and organizational intent.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep focusing on the moment, and enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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