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The Seven of Coins (Pentacles) in The Fairytale Tarot

overwhelmed by
the Seven of Pentacles
her own creation

The above little poem is a Tarot dreamku (dreamku are haiku-like poems based on dreams). I had the dream this one is based on in March of 2004. I'm not at all surprised I stumbled across it now, as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point in my life by what I've accomplished and am committed to doing.

The Seven of Pentacles is another (of the many) intriguing cards in the Tarot. It can have polar opposite meanings. On the one hand, it can be about failure, fear of failure, or only apparent failure. On the other hand, it can be about enjoying the fruits of your clearly very productive labor. At this time in my life I feel I'm faced with all of these meanings. LOL!

The fairytale for this card in The Fairytale Tarot is The Brave Little Tailor (see "Resource" below). This is a charming and very appropriate tale for the Seven of Pentacles. What I found particularly striking in the book that accompanies the deck about this tale/card is: "The Seven of Coins [Pentacles] is a call to recognize your own achievements, and take time to consider how best to build on them. It's on the whole a reflective card, although it's also about preparing for the next active steps in any plan or project....[I]t doesn't matter if the things we're proud of in life are objectively major or minor -- what counts is how we see them, and how that affects our relationship to the world."

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Resource: The Brave Little Tailor fairytale.

‘til next time, keep recognizing your achievements, big and small, and enjoying The Tarot,


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Blogger Scruffyhippo said...

Interesting, I do try to look at a card and avoid where possible any pre-conceived notions of what a card may mean.
My first impression of this card without being aware of what is was is;
Gateway to achievement, "Only by opening the door can you see what the room contains, without doing so the notion of what you may encounter will always remain a mystery".

9:57 AM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Yes, me, too, my initial response to any card is a very intuitive one, from my gut. Then memories of meanings I've read float up, but only as they are relevant.

Therefore, what is often most interesting about a card response for me is the relationship then between my intuitive immediate response and the more established meanings. Almost always they support and amplify each other. Rarely, but it does happen that they are quite far apart and I am hard pressed to make sense of them as going with the same card, in the same reading. In that case my guideline is "intuition trumps established meaning." :-)

BTW, where is the "Gateway to achievemnt" quote you shared from? Very wise statement.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Scruffyhippo said...

That was what I got intuitively for that card, my words, or more correctly given words (clairevoyantly).

12:17 PM  
Blogger Scruffyhippo said...

Hi roswilla, Today you have been given a blog award for the work you do by Scruffyhippo’s blog at, why not pop along and pick up your award and say hi.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Oh my, I am honored! I will hurry on over. You'll see the award up soon enough. Thanks so much. Sometimes I can feel no one is reading all these posts. Then this happens and I let go of that self-pity. LOL!

7:26 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

Your site is very lovely.
I love this writing.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Thanks for visiting, Ali. Your site is mouth-watering and dangerous for me (can't eat sugar or wheat :-(). But those cakes sure are beautiful.

7:21 PM  

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