Saturday, May 13, 2006


TODAY’S CARD IS The Hierophant (V). The rendering below is from the The Mary El Tarot and is used by permission:

Here’s The Hierophant in The Rider/Waite/Smith Tarot:

MY TAROT BACKGROUND: I’ve been studying, collecting, and teaching about Tarot cards for over 30 years; my other two passions are dreams and poetry (see link at bottom to my dreams and poetry blog).

Over these years, I have collected my notes about Tarot card meanings in piles of envelope backs, yellow sticky notes, pieces of old flyers, etc. It occurred to me that I should assemble these notes on meanings so that I could more easily refer to them. Ergo, this blog. I will not include here the more traditional meanings (as I learned them), but only those that were – at least to me – less common when they occurred to me.

Books and web sites abound for the more traditional meanings of the Tarot cards. If you are a beginner with The Tarot, I highly encourage you try some of the links listed as resources at the bottoms of previous posts here or do a web search of your own. Tarot is an extremely diverse and exciting field.

I ultimately offer any of the meanings I post here hoping to contribute to the rich and constantly evolving universe of The Tarot.


In the Mary El Tarot V is visually very pleasing and also quite different from many other renderings. For one, I revel in its being female, as V is usually male – sometimes titled The Pope. I chose The Hierophant to look at today because it is in my personal family of cards in The Tarot (one can determine cards of personal relevance by birth date, astrology sign, and numerology--see Resource link at bottom of this post). V also holds an additional resonance for me because Ganesh appears on The Hierophant in the Secret Daikini Oracle, and Ganesh is my dearest Deity.


Not listening to one’s friends, or intuition, or dreams, or some professional one has consulted, when it might do well to at least hear what’s being offered.

Stuck in the middle.

Required to act as a mediator, as opposed to initiating any action of one’s own.


Not wanting to or not able to connect with others.

The issue in question is an unconscious process, or elements of the unconscious are very much in play, so all the information needed to make a decision or move, is not yet available.

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That’s all for now on different takes on The Hierophant.

Resource: Innerchange-Tarot, how to determine your Tarot “profile,” i.e., cards in the Tarot of particular relevance to you. This site also has some other good articles on The Tarot.

‘til next time, keep listening to and enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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