Saturday, December 29, 2012

FOUND WHEEL OF FORTUNE CARD circa 1930 (unknown photographer)

This photo was in an e-newsletter that I receive regularly about books. (I highly recommend the site and their newsletter, Brain Pickings). I laughed out loud on seeing this circa 1930 picture, exclaiming "The Wheel of Fortune!" The more I looked the more it seemed appropriate for a rather modern day X in the Tarot. The men are all suited up and are above a city. I can't help but think of bankers in precarious balance. Who knows what change will come next, what rise or fall? It was taken in the 1930's which was the depression era. I wonder if the photographer meant for this picture to be a comment on the depression. Of course we're all at the edge of a "fiscal cliff" right now here in the USA, with Congress and our President stil dithering away. Could this old photo above be a more perfect illustration of that situation?

For comparison here's the Rider/Waite/Smith Wheel of Fortune:

The Wheel of Fortune is also a timely reminder for me personally at this end of life, as I get older and older. Just as I adjust to one element in my life changing, something either morphs again, or a new sort of change comes along. One might think (and this "one" did) that retirement means things slow down. That's an illusion, at least in my experience so far. Changes just keep happening when and how they will. I myself just move a lot slower, both literally and in how I make adjustments. And my balance, both literally and metaphorically, sometimes feels a lot like those men on the found Wheel of Fortune above: rather precarious. I can only hope the various life skills I've accrued along the way, and my joy in and will to keep learning, will stand me (pun intended) in good stead.

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