Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Here's four more Found Tarot cards.

This first below I'm thinking of for the Ace of Swords -- this is in addition to a photo I posted early on for the AS. It may seem an odd choice. However, birds certainly can represent the sword element of air. And on Rider/Waite/Smith deck and many clones thereof, a hand is holding a sword draped with greenery up to the sky. In this case, I love the intimate feel of the child offering all the possibilities of the element of air directly to the viewer:

This next is an older photo that I just today saw as a possible Empress (III) card -- I've posted one for III earlier, too. As I've remarked on this blog before I see both The Empress and Death as doors, one into life and the other onto whatever lies afterwards. (The Empress's Hebrew letter even means "door" in noun form.) Also, those steps on the right can be "down" into life. And I really like all the lush greenery as The Empress is usually depicted in a garden:

This next is for The Moon (I've not posted one for it previously). Although that's not the moon, of course, but the top globe of a many globe lamp, I like the overall feel of this photo. Though I must admit I'm hoping to get a real moon photo someday that will do better:

This last is one of my oldest photos. One that I was surprised by when I first saw it on my computer screen ("Did I take that?" :-D). I just today realized it can be the Two of Cups. I've posted a previous 2C early on, but like this one more. Those two chairs are framed in a bower, and waiting to "cup" two friends? lovers? partners of some sort? while the windchime announces all is ready and waiting for them:

Just realized these four cards make an interesting reading for me tonight. What caught my attention was a sense of overall positivity in these cards. I find that unexpected given how poor my mood has been all day, and much of the time for many months. The reading could go -- very briefly put -- like this:

The Ace of Swords is urging me use my mind, and not just it's cutting ways but it's abilities to discern and consider all sides of things, and be creative.

The Empress is suggesting I be patient, that a birth of some sort is imminent in my life. And in the meantime, to be a good mother to myself. She, too, counsels use of creative energies.

The Moon raises my intense desire for clarity, and immediately, please! To which it also replies "patience." To remember that the relative unclarity of twilight (moonlight, intuitive) vision is a healthy balance to the mind's incisiveness. And that this "dark night of the soul" that The Moon card can sometimes represent, will not last forever.

Lastly, the Two of Cups may be saying that what I've been going through is a preparation for the sort of partnering I've been missing. This partnering could be with myself -- i.e., not being my own worst enemy, as well as with someone else.

Though this sort of thing keeps happening, I'm still a bit surprised when I stumble across Tarot cards and readings in my photos. But even moreso, I'm grateful for this wealth of possibility that we call The Tarot.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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