Friday, December 21, 2007


The Two of Pentacles in The Karma Tarot

A friend recently mentioned this deck. As she talked I became extremely curious so I googled it and was utterly engaged by this 1980's deck. The Majors in the deck are, for the most part interesting and well-designed but not very unusual. However, it's in the Minors that this deck breaks out and mesmerizes, much like powerful dreams do. Like the card above....

The Two of Pentacles is often named "Change," and as in this Rider/ Waite/ Smith version:

... one often gets the impression that the change is being handled or will be coped with just fine. But with the Karma Tarot version the impression is much different. For example, for me, I see someone needing to change how they communicate, rather desperately, but torn in different ways by different, somewhat artificial aspects of self. Of course, I might see something quite different in this very dream-like image were that not exactly what I'm going through at this point in my life. (My preparation to move to California in about a month is requiring that I deal with more than just knotty material issues, both in myself and in others.) In fact, I will be very curious to see what comes to me when I view this same card at some distant future date.

Another intriguing thing about this deck is that it was a couple weeks after my friend mentioned it before I realized I had bought a copy of the Karma Tarot back in the 1980's, and eventually sold it as I had not liked it. How's that for a big "change"?

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