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All three of the below Found Tarot cards -- digital photos of mine in which only after the fact do I see a card -- are really old photos. But I've had a fondness for them since first seeing them on my computer. Over the two-plus years since their taking and the "discovery" of a Tarot card in each, I've occasionally fussed with them trying to improve the cropping, color, focus, etc. I decided that I'd better post them now or I'd never post them. :-)

By the way, I have posted others pictures in which I see the same cards below. Many cards I post here have more than one possible version posted for them. Should I ever complete this deck and wish to produce a physical copy, I can pare down to one photo per card.

Here's a possible Eight of Disks (8P):

And here's a possible Tower (XVI):

Last is a possible Judgment (XX):

OK, I'd briefly wondered before I started choosing cards to post today if they would suggest a reading, which they frequently do. And seeing them up now in a draft view on blogger, yes, they definitely do. And also definitely not a light reading ... LOL! ... when are the readings for myself ever light? Not for this Saturnine Capricorn. Here goes:

This Found Tarot 8P suggests the vision I've had for a new life, a new path. And what stands between, if you will, me and that life is a lot of hard work. Which I have accepted and attempted to do, but somehow not accomplished, no matter how hard I struggle. In light of what I see below in the other two cards, there's a more traditional meaning to this card that can be applicable here. In the Rider/Waite/Smith version of the 8P the person is literally "making pentacles." (Sitting at a work bench with an awl and hammer working on a pentacle, with 7 others around him.) A Tarot teacher I had decades ago said this was another way of saying "doing spiritual work." Which is one way to understand the sort of life challenge and struggle I see here.

This Found Tarot XVI suggests a fall. But almost more a "raining upon" from elsewhere, of both shadows and light. That instead of focusing on not getting ahead, I need to be opening to what falls in grace. I'm not sure I can make this clear, but to recognize how little we ultimately control in our lives. And not to be so focused on what we fail at or don't get that it takes a two-by-four over our heads to open us to what rains down in grace at all times. I've even begun to wonder how much we can ever really take credit for having accomplished. How much might just be chance. Which may simply be another word for grace.

And this Found Tarot XX suggests that a new life does indeed call even as it opens. It's always beginning, unmissable, unmistakable, whenever I stay in the moment. This card also suggests accepting the impermanent nature of being in the moment (at least for me). It's not a steady state, but one I wander in and out of. A way of being that is illusive and ephemeral (again, at least for me) but one that always blooms again when I most need it. If sometimes only after a series of two-by-fours over the head, as in a more negative Tower (XVI) experience.

I don't offer these "interpretations" above as anything more than what I obviously needed to hear today. Though they are not totally unconnected to the more accepted and usual meanings attributed to these three cards.

* * * *
‘til next time, keep opening to the moment, and enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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