Friday, March 07, 2014


Above is an old version (4-27-11 10794e) of an even older photo of mine that I just recently realized puts me in mind of the Judgment card.

Below is a new version (12-16-10 10150v5) of another old photo of mine that when it showed up on my screen after the umpteenth filter I applied, prompted me to declare "the Ace of Wands!"

As often happens when I choose pix to post for my Found Tarot, I feel I've also been given a Tarot mini-reading. In this case, all the letting go and stock taking I've been doing will continue to unfold in new growth.

If you'd like to see other photos in The Found Tarot series that I've been posting here, just enter "Found Tarot" in the far upper left search box of this page. The results may not appear in correct date posted order, but they should be all of those appearing here to date. I should also add that as my tastes and skills have evolved over the time that I've been "finding" Tarot cards in my pix, so have the photos I produce. Enough that many I may go back to and edit a bit, or even scrap altogether.

* * * *
Until next time, keep enjoying The Tarot in whatever ways it comes into your life,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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