Sunday, October 26, 2008

TAROT DREAM TANKA by Patricia Kelly

First, let me say I've not abandoned this blog. I've just been very busy, happily becoming more involved in a wonderful relationship. Which is quite a surprise at my age and given my deep hermiting tendencies. :-) But I'm enjoying him and our relationship immensely, and now working at re-balancing my life so that my other passions -- such as Tarot -- can also be honored. Now to get to this post....

The Magician card,
The Wheel, and The Hanged Man
lie in a straight row
I say: manifest change
and then surrender

The above is a tanka (poem), based on a dream I had in early October 2008. I did not see any particular version of the three Tarot cards in that dream. I simply knew what each card was, making my interpretation as I was dreaming.

Simply for the fun of it, I've chosen three unusual versions of the Tarot cards in the dream to share here below:

The Wheel, "Oh most true, she is a strumpet" from The Pen Tarot

The Hanged Man, from The UFO Tarot

You might have fun seeing how the above non-traditional images for these cards influence your exploration/interpretation of the dream shared in the above tanka. I'd love to hear whatever your responses might be. I particularly love collecting "new" meanings for Tarot images. Which is why (in addition to just loving the variety of art work) I like working with many different decks.

P.S. As I was proofreading this post (yet again) I saw some intense relevance to my life now in the dream tanka I did not see on writing it. Briefly put, starting last fall I worked my butt off to prepare for my move from New York City to Goleta, California. I arrived here in February, full of the energy and excitement generated by having actually manifested such a huge change after many years of withdrawal and giving up. Since then, I've noticed my life demanding a more "go with the flow" stance, a sort of surrender or openness to what comes to me. Not in a passive way, but a surrender nevertheless. Maybe another word for surrender of this type is "receiving." Though I must admit at times it does feel more like that beleaguered figure in the UFO XII above; i.e., that I'm being taken on a strange ride by unknown factors. :-D

* * * *

‘til next time, keep exploring the varieties of interpretations and images available in The Tarot Universe,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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