Friday, January 22, 2010


This first new Found Tarot card (as was the second, as well) was taken looking out from behind the front gate of the retirement community I live in. It's been difficult to get the true color on those bars; they are really almost black. (Have yet to find the time to read up on color in digital photography and I do need to; it's a challenge at times. In the case of these bars I think it has to do with them being a slightly reflective surface, even though I was not using a flash.)

I've been seeing the Wands suit a lot in the various photos I've been taking from behind this gate. I've posted two previous Two of Wands here (not taken from behind this gate), but the below image may be best so far:

Here's another I took today that could also be a Two of Wands, and the bars are their actual color:

And here's one that might be good for the Ten of Wands:

Interesting that I'd be dealing with two cards that speak to being contained in some way. In the Rider/Waite/Smith images -- one behind the ramparts of a castle, the other behind a burden. I'm learning to adjust my life's scope as I age and at times it does feel like imprisonment or at least unwelcome containment. That's why digital photography is such a boon for me. Once I start taking photos I enter another brain state, another world all together. One that is endlessly spacious and just keeps leading me onto further vistas like those the figure on the Rider/Waite/Smith Two of Wands is viewing.

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‘til next time, keep acknowledging the spaciousness of inner/creative life and enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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