Sunday, February 10, 2008

TAROT RELATED DREAMKU with The Sun card in The Haindl Tarot

The Sun in The Haindl Tarot

sudden death symbols
fill the borders of the quilt
his compassion

The symbols rimming the quilt were various versions of the astrology sign for the sun. In the dream I associated this to the Sun card in the Tarot and that it can indicate a sudden death. Rarely, but I have seen it do so. I'm not sure whether this is a precog dream or not. But I am certain the sudden death referenced is also the transformation wrought by my move from New York to California. Now that I'm finally here, it feels very sudden. :-)

Although my computer and scanner are up and running, I don't have an ISP yet. So I'm working at one of the public computers in the library of the retirement community I've moved to. I look forward to sharing from a new deck I was just informed about, a Welsh deck, once I have all my usual resources at hand.

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