Tuesday, August 06, 2013


The above possible Ace of Earth (Ace of Pentacles) is IMHO the best of the four I'm sharing here today, and not the first Ace of Pentacles I've posted. As I've mentioned before, I may never actually produce a physical deck of these cards. So I'm having great fun finding numerous versions of any one card in my photos.

The above possible Ace of Fire (Ace of Wands) is the first of the four Aces I stumbled across, when I was developing it to post it to my photography blog under the name "Walkabout" (Trying to Hold a Box of Light). To me, it comes in a close second to the "Ace of Earth."

And this above possible Ace of Water (Ace of Cups) is OK, but I may someday go back to the original and re-work it as it was so heavily edited before I got to these colors, that it's begun to get a bit fuzzy. However, other than that "fuzz" I like it well enough.

Last above is Ace of Air (Ace of Swords). I'm not quite settled on the intensity or shades of these colors. I want the yellow family of colors, but just not sure these particular ones are what I'm seeking.

As usual after posting cards here I realize I've done a little Tarot reading for myself. In this case, these four aces represent the deep transitional space -- nay, crisis -- I'm in. Plenty of potential, energy, and power, overwhelmingly so. But no real form or substance yet; nothing to even glimpse much less hold on to. And each "ace" is moving in it's own way, at it's own pace, towards it's own goals. Each needs to have it's separate path respected, no slopping over from one Ace's territory right now onto the other. Especially the Ace of Earth energy (body issues and work) needs to be allowed it's separateness from the influence of the others. Not only is the Ace of Earth work primary at this time, but historically it's been obliterated or cut down by the energies of the Water and Air aces, and totally disrupted by the Fire ace. So it's primacy not only needs to be honored but given it's own wide pathway. It will be interesting to see how/if this crucial distance between the aces changes as the transition gets further along.

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