Wednesday, July 06, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted any of my digital pix that put me in mind of Tarot cards. I call it "The Found Tarot" because I do not take the photos with Tarot cards in mind. But only see suggestions of cards once they are on my computer, and most often not until many months later.

I've also posted more than one version for some cards. I'm not sure if this will ever become an actual physical deck. But should it, I can at that time choose which of the images best suits for such a card. There's also no uniting design principal or focus (yet, maybe it'll surface later on). (For earlier Found Tarot photos, see posts listed in the sidebar. You may need to click on the bottom most post, then look to the sidebar again to get to even earlier Found Tarot pix.)

As for what says Tarot to me in a photo? That can be obvious sometimes and at other times quirky or poetic. I'm really following my nose with this project and enjoying it greatly. Where it goes, it goes .... well, I do hope it's not off a cliff! Which comment leads me to The Fool (0). This is the only Found Tarot photo (so far) in which I did not see the card; a fellow tarot lover pointed out that it could be 0:

Here's another card about possible falls. Hm, seems to be a theme emerging though I had not intended one. Anyway, this is The Tower (XVI). I like the sense of contained but still possibly dangerous power in those cables and lines. A tumble would not be fun.

And now for The Wheel (X). This is a more unusual representation of X, at least as far as I've seen in decks. I looked at this photo and suddenly thought, we go up, we go down, we go up ... around and around ... ah, The Wheel card!

So, there's the theme or message that was trying to come through as I was organizing this post. Yes, we have some bad falls and our fear of falling can be just as bad. But we also rise to heal on the tide of change, over and over. This is a good reminder at a time when I feel like I've fallen into a pot of crazy glue and may not be able to climb out. And that's only partly a joke.

What Tarot images do you see in unusual places in your life? I'll bet dollars to donuts what you see will have something to say to you.

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‘til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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