Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Found Tarot cards: THE TOWER & THE MOON

Phew, it's been way too long between posts here. Wish I were the type of person who does these sorts of things because it's time or for some other motivating reason than just plain feeling moved to do so. Not that I don't think of this blog every time I do a Tarot reading for myself. I do. It just doesn't translate into action all that often since I've moved to California (4 years ago). Anyway, here's a photo I just worked on today, brand new. And as soon as I hit on this look for it I thought "The Tower"!

In a way it was a relief as I'd just edited three photos and all wound up with titles relating to the Moon. So I thought although I don't know if this is progress or not at least it's a change. :-) None of those three moon-titled photos evoked the Moon card for me. But here's another one of my pictures (I've posted other possible Moon cards here before) that puts me in mind of XVIII:

This possible Moon card is 2-1/2 years old and has had the title "The Romantic" all that time. So if I do a mini-reading for myself with the Moon being answered or followed by The Tower, I hear that some sort of overly romantic view of mine is being or about to be tumbled. Well, this is rather strange, given this pragmatic Capricorn with a Moon in Taurus has never thought of herself as much of a romantic. But others have said so about some of my writing and even the occasional photo so I suppose I should take this odd insight seriously. And see if it might bring something new to important issues in my life.

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