Tuesday, January 29, 2008

DEATH and transformation, in the Sylph Tarot

Death in the Sylph Tarot

This will be my last post for a little while. I dismantle my computer for shipment to my new home cross country in California early Wednesday morning. When I was thinking what card to post a little bit about before I move, I decided to do the numerology for today's date which comes to 13. I was immediately struck by how appropriate this is, given I am in the middle of quite a life transformation. Then when I saw this above Death card image I thought it is very true to where I'm at: a chrysalis stage, dreaming of the wings to come (I fly to California in just a week).

So, there you have it. The Death card as representing transformation. And sometimes one that is preceded by a lengthy chrysalis phase in which the new winged form seems like it will never get here. In my case, the months of decision making, and then the two and a half months of dismantling an apartment stuffed with years of old things I could not -- nor would I have, in most cases, if I could -- take with me. This is also true of all the emotions and memories raised and released by leaving a home I lived in for 23 years, and New York where I've lived just short of all of my 64 years. In terms of the Death card, this latter phase is often said to be "cutting away the old so that the new can grow."

I'll be checking comments and emails in about a week and hopefully posting again soon thereafter from California. :-)

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