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TODAY'S CARD is the TWO OF PENTACLES, the version above is from The Karma Tarot. I bought this deck a very long time ago but did not keep it as I couldn't relate to its images. I now find that quite odd, given I've always been intrigued by dream images and this deck's images are nothing if not dream-like. That simply shows how our perceptions, like everything else, change --- which is a commonly used flag word for this card.

Below is the Two of Pentacles in the Steampunk Tarot, which if you've been following this blog you'll note is one of my favorite decks at present. I particularly like how she's bicycling on water. What an image for how even though we perceive things as solid, they change right beneath our feet. Yet, she's bicycling across the water! And we all do it. Daily, hourly, every second.

And for COMPARISON, here's the Two of Pentacles in the Rider/Waite/Smith deck:

THE TWO OF PENTACLES: I've long been intrigued by the lemniscate (also called an infinity symbol) on the usual version of this card (see the RWS card above and the Steampunk version, too). It prompts me to remember that eternity is in the constantly arising moment. I.e., the only thing that does not pass away is that which constantly changes: the present moment. That this is seen via a pentacle card -- the suit of the material and physical -- I also find intriguing. Another reminder that all is ultimately built on the illusory, the impermanent (the water of the Steampunk Two of Pentacles above). It is therefore very good that we learn to be dancers, carefully cradling the ephemeral forms that come oh-so-briefly into the care of our hands. BTW, the lemniscate connects this card to the Magician who has one above his head in many versions. This connection feels appropriate to me as we all work "magic" in creating our responses to the changing of each moment (rarely even realizing our creativity). The other lemniscate often seen in the Tarot is above the head of the woman in the usual version of Strength. Which card, at one level, deals with responding to the demands of deep change constructively. And I can see the Two of Pentacles as representing preparation for just this sort of challenge that is faced in the Strength card.

MEANINGS/INSIGHTS/READINGS FOR THE TWO OF PENTACLES, SOME LESS COMMON OR EVEN QUIRKY (Please note: The below is not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of this card; a quick google will produce a wider variety of takes should you not be familiar with it.):

Time to stop dancing around and only playing at things; get serious.

Someone who's not thoroughly trustworthy. I.e., a bit too much enamored of their performance itself, and how they might profit from it even if at others' expense.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or thrown off balance by all that one has to do. Maybe even stumbling a bit or dropping the ball. It happens. Pick it up and keep going.

Someone who needs to change how they communicate and/or act, but who's torn in two different possible directions by opposing aspects of self. (Thanks to what I saw in the Karma Tarot Two of Pentacles above.)

You will have to deal with these conflicting consequences of your actions until they are worked out. This may depend a lot on others reactions, as well.

Juggling issues as if they were hot potatoes? Why not just put them down and walk away. They are not your responsibility, no matter that others may try to convince you otherwise.

It may very well be that both choices you are faced with are good and/or necessary. If you cannot address them both right now, you could try drawing a card on each to help you determine which to do first.

The responsibility you take now for learning how to handle incompatible issues, is a preparation for bigger and more complicated ones in the offing. Those ships in the background of the RWS version will eventually come in. Just remember some of the cargo could well be treasures. If not, you will still be prepared to cope.

"The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." However, we still manage somehow to handle the differing influence of, say, left and right brain input, in our daily dance. In fact, at the best the "two hands" each support and enhance the qualities of the other.

Yes, all does seem rather rocky at the moment, both in your own life and in the greater world beyond that far horizon. However, at least for now, you will be able to maintain your own footing, especially if you relate to this time as an opportunity to develop your life skills, and not as a judgment or punishment or even bad luck.

The best way to keep these opposites from conflicting is to keep them dancing. I.e., in motion. Not to let either lie ignored for too long.

Take your time with these several tasks and all will get the attention needed.

Tossing up new thoughts and ideas to see what will happen.

Breaking a stalemate with some creative thinking (I often think of that writing challenge we had in school: "contrast and compare") and then acting on it.

Weighing one's options.

A talented multi-tasker. Conversely, don't try to do everything at once. Prioritize and do things one at a time for the best results.

Keep your sense of humor, it will actually help you stay balanced as you work at this task.

Enjoying being in the physical -- dancing, walking, touching, seeing, etc., etc. Or the card may be suggesting that one needs to be active in some sensory, embodied way. Which puts me in mind of a line from the poem "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver: "You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves."

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'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever ways it comes to you in your life,

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