Tuesday, December 13, 2011

REVIEW of Barbara Ardinger's SECRET LIVES, by Roswila

I’m rushing up this extremely brief, but nevertheless rave review of Barbara Ardinger’s SECRET LIVES because it’s the Holiday Season and this book would make a marvelous gift!

SECRET LIVES is a totally wonder-filled, thought provoking, moving, fun ride, and I’ve only read it completely (so far) in its earlier incarnation. I.e., as chapter by chapter rolled off the author’s typewriter (yes, it was that long ago!) and was mailed to me. I’m now currently re-enjoying what’s familiar in the beginning chapters from back then and greatly looking forward to what’s new (considerable, given it’s now 600 pages or so) as I finish reading it.

The story plays out in an all too recognizably troubled Southern California urban setting, salted with humor along the way. (That’s one of the things I love about all of Ardinger’s books, there’s always room for humor.) This story of witches of all ages in modern times, that reaches back into ancient times to the roots of today’s creative pagan ways and wisdom, is massively engaging. Ardinger is a highly educated and intelligent writer, pulling from different sources and spiritual systems in such a way that they all "live" together harmoniously.

I would wait until I’ve finished this great ride before posting a review here, but as I noted above it's Holiday Season and this book would make a fabulous gift. You can get a more in-depth feel for it from the links beneath the cover graphic. And my review, if incomplete and skimpy is not inaccurate or uninformed. As I also said above, I’ve had the pleasure of reading the vast majority of it some time ago. The elder witches now feel like old -- pun intended -- and very dear friends.

Get this bookt! Give it! Read it! You’ll love it! You won't want to keep it a secret!

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‘til next time, keep reading great books, and enjoying The Tarot,

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